Regression Sessions /// 8th Birthday Extravaganza!

🚨 Regression Sessions : 8th Birthday Extravaganza! 🚨

Lose your mind through unique experiences and let loose without a care in the world. 2 rooms of music spanning House, Garage & Bass, with a wild, permissive and fun-inducing atmosphere 🍄

There’s gonna be a whole lot of cake, party hats and plenty of juice flowing as we celebrate our birthday in classic RS style!


BALL-PIT & SPACE HOPPERS 🔮Yes, a firm favourite amongst our regulars…There is nothing quite like a room full of people going wild to house and drum n bass on space hoppers – You have to see it to fully understand.

FACE-PAINTING & GLITTER STATION 🎨Make sure you’re looking fabulously glittered out on the dance floor with our free glitter bar & be sure to have your face painted otherwise you’ll be looking like the odd one out!

CO2 CANNONS & CONFETTI 🎊Nothing like getting blasted by some huge confetti cannons lighting up the sky while you party to some of the best music our DJs have in store!

FAMOUS FACE MASKS 🎭Sport your favourite celebrity face mask throughout the night giving you that element of surprise

CELEBRITY PINÂTA & FORFEIT JENGA 🎉Just like the classic Giant Jenga game but with the added fun of ridiculous forfeits. Tons of sweets up for grabs to those who can spin around and strike the pinata!

BUBBLE WRAP THERAPY 💆Rolls and rolls of free bubble wrap for you to pop your way through and feel sensational at the same time.

RETRO VIDEO GAMES 🎮Want to kick back and play some old school games?

PHOTO BOOTH 📷Often we forget a lot of shit on a night out. We thought that you may like a memento of the night or just to drunkenly flash your bits at a camera. So we bought a photo booth for you to use to your hearts desire. Oh and we won’t charge you for it… its FREE! (No hogging the booth though)

FREE BIRTHDAY CAKE 🎂For the first 50 people who come in, you’ll get a mouthful of birthday cake to get you in the perfect partying mood!Party like you’ve never partied before 🦄


☎️ 24/7 WhatsApp : 07894 553 938

Group bookings (10+ people) – call/WhatsApp us.
📲 07894 553 938


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